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Meet Erica Figueroa, a nail tech, salon owner, educator, and owner of She's Erica Nail Collection.  Erica has always pride herself on quality serivce/products. Perfecting her craft has always been her #1 priority. She is now dedicated to uplifting and educating other aspiring nail techs around the world. There are far too many opportunities to not make money on your own terms. One thing for sure, this is a money making industry and anyone can succeed with the right techniques and guidance. Are you ready to say bye bye to a 9-5 and become your own boss? Having experience in the struggles of perfecting acrylics, running a full service salon, working with many brands/ products,  working with other nail techs, and clients, Erica knows all too well what it takes to succeed, how to grow a 6 figure business and the fundamentals of quality nails. Feel confident that you will be ready to take on the industry after taking her course.

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Learn My Successful

Tips & Tricks


Proper prep is a very important step that should not be missed. It can make or break the outlook and longevity of a set.


Learn how to apply acrylic flawlessly. A better application saves time and money. Learn the 1, 2, or 3 step method.


Learn how to make unpleasing photos that you think aren't usable, bright, vibrant, and eye-catching.


Keeping your clients coming back is how you prosper in any business. A part from being a great tech, make sure you have the tools, work ethic, and customer service skills it takes to retain clients.


Learn how to shape a perfect coffin, square, or stiletto shape! Shaping is EVERYTHING and knowing how to effectively use an E-File is also essential.


Learn how to perfect your line art, position stickers, foils etc.


You want to make sure you are charging what your'e worth. Breaking down services and charging appropriately will save time and money.


Get knowledgable on what products to use, where to purchase products, how to get licensed, how to start your business, how to grow your business, branding, how to retain employees, how to run a salon and much more.


Learn how to perfect your ombre and learn my secret ombre technique.


Learn how to encapsulate nail art & glitters, how to cut acrylic and design art inside the nail.


Marketing yourself is so important especially when starting your business. Learn the effective steps and tools that will help you grow.

Course Options


Need some direction on a specific topic or technique and need a few hours of coaching, or are you starting to do nails and just want a feel? This booking is for you. A minimum of 2 hours are required. We will discuss and be hands on, learning as many techniques as possible during your time booked. These hours are dedicated to your specific needs.



Whether you're new or not to this industry perfecting your craft and getting extended education that schools don't teach you is a must. This is a 7 hour class that goes in depth with everything you need to know about nails covering cuticle/prep, shaping/ filing, acrylic application, nail art, stone application, photo editing, best business apps. for marketing,  business tips and more.



Sometimes you just need to see someone in action. Following a Full Day Nail Course, you will be able to shadow She's Erica for 7 hours. Watch clients come in after weeks of growth and see how Erica removes stones, any possible lifting, prep for fills/full sets, how she is able to flawlessly apply gel polish and more.


What You Need To Know

  • Full day courses are available Friday and Saturday. Hourly Courses can be booked at or by clicking "BOOK" above.

  • Nail products are included during these 1:1 face to face courses except for your nail brush. Please bring your own nail brush to class.

  • Brushes/ Nail Kits are available for purchase (Please see kits)

  • If you are taking a virtual class, kits will need to be purchased prior to

  • A deposit equalling half of class total is needed to book. Other half is due at the time of your class starting.

  • Certificate of completion will be given at the end of your course.  

  • Deposits are non refundable. 48 hr. cancelation policy applies.

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